A Little History

After six years as an Intel Corporation “rising star”, suddenly Adam Boyle found himself on the street, when the tech giant dissolved his division. The staff were awesome, but the division didn’t fit into Intel’s vision. Thus started a new direction for Adam’s career.

As a skilled software engineer, he turned to software consulting, as a financial bridge, while he looked for another “strong firm” to work for. It didn’t take long before one of his consulting clients landed an amazing contract with DHL. One problem . . . they needed a system to service international shipping, invoicing and a franchise organization . . . within 30 days . . . and there wasn’t any off-the-shelf software in the industry that could handle it. They turned to Adam.


Going through Adam’s head – “There is no way I can do this. It’s not possible – not going to happen”. It was 1:00 am, and as Adam looks back, that night was a watershed moment. In the providential mashup of frustration, fear and determination. He started coding and before the sun came up over the Utah mountains, Adam had determined that perhaps enough of it could be done to fill the initial needs.

Fast forward, today, with the help of early key partners, Karl Pyne and Stel Knudson, and a great and growing team of loyal staff, Rock Solid Internet Systems has grown from that small kernel of code to become the full featured enterprise solution for third party rates management in the parcel shipping and logistics industry.

Rock Solid’s suite of applications includes over 1.5 million lines of code and an amazing platform of tools that are customized to meet your specific objectives.

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